YuJa Video Conference Tool Bar

   Video Conference Tools


1. Audio and Video control


  • Video - Allows users to mute webcam, or change the input source if they have more than one camera.
  • Audio - Allows users to mute microphone or change the input source if they have more than one microphone.



  • Video - displays camera view only
  • Share Only - displays the shared screen/document/whiteboard only
  • Everything - displays the default combination of camera. shared screen, chat windows.
  • Full Screen - makes main window full screen, no browser bar or settings menu visible. Press Esc to exit full screen.


3.Sharing Tools

  • Screen Share - Allows the user to show his or her screen
  • Document Share - Allows the user to share documents such as PowerPoint or Word documents. Files with lots of formatting may need to be in PDF format to share
  • Whiteboard - Allows the user to draw or type notes on an uploaded file or a plain screen
  • Meeting Info - Shows connection information for phone bridge and control of video camera.

4. Breakout rooms

  • Breakout – Allows Owner to create breakout meeting rooms. These are group sessions within the video conference that are not part of the recorded content.

                              - Mobile App users cannot use Breakout rooms.

 5. Chat window and Participants window


  •  Participants - See meeting participants and manage user roles
  • Chat - Allows participants to send instant messages

5. End Meeting

  • Leave Room - Exits the meeting and allows session owners to end the meeting


6. Start and Stop Recording


  • Record - Allows users to record the session (Recorded sessions are automatically stored in the Media Library)
  • Recordings start automatically and can be stopped by the meeting Owner


7. Help

  • Help button - Shows options for support and documentation from YuJa Inc.


8. Additional Resources



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