How to Connect to ISU-OPEN Wireless for Guest


This article describes how to connect your device to the ISU-OPEN wireless network. Guest without an Indiana State University should follow these steps to create a temporary account that will allow them to access the ISU-OPEN network during their visit.



Wireless access on campus is provided via the ISU-OPEN network. Guests without an Indiana State University account can create a temporary account to access the wireless network during their visit. Please note that the ISU-OPEN network does not use encryption to secure your communications. 

Estimated time to complete

15 Minutes or less

Steps to Connect to ISU-OPEN Wireless

Automatic Connection

  1. Open the wireless connection panel of your device.
  2. Select the ISU-OPEN SSID from your devices list of available wireless networks. Please refer to the Manual Connection instructions below if your device does not detect the ISU-OPEN network. 
  3. Once connected to the ISU-OPEN, you will be automatically redirected to the user authentication pages.  (You may need to open a web browser if your device does not automatically redirect you to the login page and if prompted, accept the presented certificates from the network.)
  4. Click the link Don’t Have an Account? at the bottom the login page.
  5. Complete the required information on the registration page with your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. (Any additional information you can provide will help us in supporting you during your visit at ISU.)
  6. Click on Register to receive your Username and Password. (As a courtesy, this information will be emailed to you automatically for your future reference.)
  7. Click the Sign On button at the bottom of the screen to return to the login screen.   
  8. Enter your Username and Password.
  9. You should be connected to ISU-OPEN. 
  • Your device will be recognized and will automatically connect to the ISU_OPEN network for 5 consecutive days.   
  • If you have exceeded the number of devices for your account you will be prompted to remove a pre-existing device from your list.

Manual Connection

  1. If your device will not automatically connect to the ISU-OPEN network as illustrated above, you can manually set up the connection.
  2. Open the wireless connection panel of your device.
  3. Manually create a profile to connect to the SSID of ISU-OPEN.
  4. Set the encryption connection type to None or Open.


After following these steps your device will be connected to the ISU-OPEN wireless network at ISU.

Additional Help

Contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 if you need further assistance.



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