HPC User Guide


Obsidian is ISU's campus high performance computing (HPC) cluster for faculty and staff engaged in research activities. Students will need faculty sponsorship to access Obsidian cluster.

The cluster uses the latest HPC Compute Blocks from Advanced Clustering Technologies and has a total of 560 cores, 1.78TB of RAM, and 21.50 TFLOPS of computing power. Please refer to Hardware specifications for more hardware details.



Our goal is to provide researchers access to computational resources necessary to construct and simulate scientific models, analyze and interpret complex and large data set.

Below are the links to HPC user guide and other useful information:

Support policies

Request Obsidian user account

Request disk quota extension

Remote login and file backup

Submit and run jobs

Modules and compilers

Instruction for students

To check the status of HPC, please use Ganglia Monitoring System Portal.

Please report HPC incidents to Linux System Management group, and request Custom Software Development service if you need further consultation on using HPC.


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