Respondus Lockdown Browser Quick Start Guide


Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure and efficient way for instructors to proctor student exams. This guide will aid in navigating and downloading LockDown Browser and will also answer any questions that may arise when using this software. 

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Downloading LockDown Browser

  1. Open a browser (i.e., Google Chrome, Firefox) and navigate to Academic Software for ISU Students
  2. Click on "Click here to get LockDown Browser."
  3. On the new page, click on Login.
  4. Enter your University Username and password, then click on Login.
  5. Click Download Now to start the download process.


For Instructors- Navigating to LockDown Browser Settings

This menu also allows you to enable/disable LockDown Browser for quizzes and tests.

  1. Log into Canvas & from the Dashboard, open the course where you want to use LockDown Browser.
  2. Click Settings in the Course Navigation menu. 
  3. Click the Navigation tab. 
  4. Drag the LockDown Browser box into the top section of the Navigation and click Save at the bottom of the page. 
  5. Click the LockDown Browser course link and you will see a list of all the exams/quizzes that can use LockDown Browser.
    1. Use the down arrow at each quiz/exam listed to open LockDown Browser Settings and click the appropriate radio button to enable or disable the LockDown Browser requirement for that specfic quiz/exam. 
    2. Click Save + Close at each quiz/exam settings.


screen caputure of LockDown Browser settings


Students- Taking Quizzes/Exams Using LockDown Browser

In Canvas, there are two types of quizzes: New and Classic. New Quizzes are indicated with a solid green rocket icon. Classic Quizzes are indicated with a green outline rocket icon (See below.) 

Image of Canvas Quiz Types List

For New Quizzes: 

  1. In a regular browser (ex. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.), go into Canvas and find your quiz/exam. 
  2. Click the Take the Quiz box and LockDown Browser will launch. 

For Classic Quizzes: 

1. Double-click  the LockDown Browser icon on your desktop. 


2. Double-click this icon and a login screen should be presented once opened.

3. Enter your University Username and Password to log in.

4. Once logged in, got into Canvas and find your quiz/exam.  

5. Click the Take the Quiz box and begin the quiz/test.  

Respondus Knowledge Base

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