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TeamDynamix - Request Account Actions


Any student, faculty, staff, or affiliate that has a Banner record is already loaded into the Team Dynamix Customer list and when a Customer first requests a service or reports an issue, Team Dynamix automatically promotes the Customer to a Client and assigns the new Client a Client User license.

A Client can only request services, report an issue, or search the Knowledge base.  Any Client can perform operations such as searching, accessing, and modifying their submitted service requests and incidents.  However, Clients have a limited view of the ticket information and have limited ability to update or close tickets. 

SLA:  you can expect that be resolved in 5 business days.

Standard Features

This service allows you to put in a request to:

  • Add staff member(s) to the Team Dynamix application
  • Modify a staff member’s license type
  • Replace one Staff member with another
  • Remove a staff member from the Team Dynamix application.
  • Request Application access for a staff member.


Team Dynamix users have security roles assigned, so while a user may be awarded a specific license type, a Team Dynamix user is assigned a given Security Role and is only given permissions for specific applications based on that role.  When you request the license type, you will need to specify and justify any deviations from the user’s given Security Role.

OIT procured enough Team Dynamix licenses to cover departments that traditionally had accounts from legacy systems. If your office requires additional licenses above what you were allocated or an upgrade to an Enterprise license, please contact Yancy Phillips (

The Team Dynamix Customer list is extracted from Banner and uploaded each day.  As a result, it may take up to 24 hours after the person’s Banner record is created before the person is uploaded into Team Dynamix.


If you only have one person on the request, please complete the online form.  If you have multiple people on the request, download, complete, and attach the worksheet titled "TDX_Staff_Access_Request_v1.xlsx" located in the FILES panel.