Argos Security Officers

Department Officers
Accounts Receivable Lori Holycross (Primary) -
Laura David (Secondary) -
Kathy Modesitt (Primary) -
Admissions Jerami Wheeler (Primary) -
Ron Payne (Secondary) -
Riley Witvoet (Tertiary) -
Deirdre Mahan (Primary) -
Shelby Clickenbeard (Secondary) -
James Evens (Secondary) -
Kenneth Edington (Tertiary) -

Canvas (LMS) Yihua Bai (Primary) -
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marcus Roberts (Primary) -
Steven Riley(Primary) -
James.Marks (Secondary) -
Grace VanLue (Tertiary) -
Finance / Grants / Purchasing Leslie Wheeler (Primary) -
Barbara Tschida (Secondary) -
Financial Aid

Char Shivers (Primary) -
Tess Avelis (Secondary) -
Emily Wampler (Secondary) -
Helen Aker (Secondary) -
Bradley Lone (Secondary) -

Human Resources (HR) Dan Mishler (Primary) -
Margaret Mary Welch (Secondary) -
Institutional Research (IR) Diana Hooten (Primary) -
Linda Ferguson (Primary) -
Payroll Lucy Lakstins (Primary) -
Missy Hawthorne (Secondary) -
Adam Gaunt (Primary) -
Kim Smith (Primary) -
Registration & Records Adam Gaunt (Primary) -
William "Ryan" Hamilton (Secondary) -
Joseph Haney (Tertiary) -
Randy Hargis (Secondary) -
C.J. Schaefer (Secondary) -
Janet Smith (Secondary) -
Graduate Studies (No longer) Tess Avelis (Primary) -
Cary Burch (Primary) -
MAPS (Argos Product) Admins Stacey Bocard -
Yihua Bai -
Casey J. Burk -

The listserv e-mail address is used to contact all the Argos Security Officers directly and should be used especially when messages involve information-sensitive situations or aspects of data security (i.e. - Banner roles or privileges, malicious activity, etc.).

To reach the majority of all Argos users, please send e-mails to, which is normally used for things like testing new Argos updates, notifying users of possible bugs or abnormal activity (i.e. - if someone notices longer processing times of jobs or if the eLauncher login screen isn't accessible in a browser, etc.). This listserv is also used to provide everyone with a means of quickly letting users know of anything that Evisions might be providing in terms of release notes or conference information.

Lastly, if any of this information requires any changes or additions, please use this form to request it.



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Use this service to report any type of security issue with ISU owned devices or ISU faculty, student, or staff personal/private information.