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General Information

How do I access my OneDrive account from anywhere including ISU classrooms?

To access your OneDrive account:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-in with your Indiana State University username and password
  3. Click the 9 dot sqaure in the upper left corner
  4. Click OneDrive

​​​​​If you are accessing OneDrive on a public use computer, you may want to use private browsing for better security. A private browser helps ensure that temporary files and cookies are not stored on the computer.

Please refer to Indiana State University Data Storage Standards for best practices on information sharing and document storage.

Can I merge my personal account with my OneDrive account?

No, your OneDrive account provided to you as a student, faculty, or staff member at ISU is intended for data used for your school/work at ISU.

How can I prevent accidentally saving to my OneDrive personal account?

Always save to OneDrive - Indiana State University folder in File Explorer/Finder or upload the files to your ISU OneDrive from the web.

What happens to my OneDrive data when I am no longer employed by ISU?

Your OneDrive environment is for university business and as such is subject to the same policies as other resources used to store digital data.  Access to OneDrive will cease the day an student or employee separates from the university including alumni and retirees. This is accomplished via an automated process initiated when ISU Human Resources enters a last day worked into the Banner system.

Will department supervisors have access to a separating employees OneDrive data?

ISU has instituted a separation workflow process where supervisors are consulted when they have an employee separating from employment. During this consultation, supervisors are afforded the opportunity to review contents of separated employees digital resources which include email as well as university provided storage resources.

How long does the information stored on OneDrive stay available after an employee separates from the University?

The data in OneDrive will be available for 30 days.

Data Storage

Should I back up the data stored on my hard drive?

No. You should no longer store data on your hard drive. If you are using the OneDrive desktop client, data will be synced from your hard drive to your OneDrive account.

Data Syncing

What happens if you shut down your computer while you are copying and syncing files from another storage location?

You have to restart your syncing.  If you have several files start the sync before you leave if your computer is in a secure location.

Can you set up OneDrive to automatically back up data from my hard drive?

Yes, that is what the desktop OneDrive client will do.

If there is still a copy on my hard drive then do I need to consider the amount of storage on my hard drive and what files to sync?

Yes, you will have one terabyte (TB) of storage on OneDrive and typical hard drive storage is significantly less.

Can we use file explorer?

When you open the desktop OneDrive client you will see your files and folders in File Explorer/Finder.

Data Sharing

Sharing with “Anyone” option is not active.  Is there a way to create a link and share it with anyone that has the link?

This is not enabled for security reasons.

If I share a document and then move the document within OneDrive will that change the access?

If you have shared a document and move the document to another folder, the permission should move with the document. If you have shared a folder and move the document out of shared folder then they will no longer have access to the document.

Does the person I am sharing with need OneDrive?

No, they do not need an account.

If I share externally, how can I prevent from the recipient from sharing?

There is a provision to ensure that only the people you are sharing the document with have access. For more information follow the link to Share OneDrive Files and Folders

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