New Employee Checklist

Why Use the Checklist 

The new employee checklist is intended to smooth some of the IT-related processes associated with onboarding employees, and to improve data security. It is largely intended as helpful communication tools, to be used when someone is arriving, to ensure that person has the IT resources for his/her position. 

Some of items in the checklist include productivity, security, failure proofing, and tips and tricks for success. 

Checklist Support 

Please contact your area consultant and your supervisor for help filling out this checklist.The consultant will help you enter service requests through the Team Dynamix ticketing system in order to get access to applications. The consultant will need as much lead time as possible (at least 5 days) to make an appointment with the employee and/or supervisor. 

If your department has developed a comprehensive onboarding process, please let your consultant know you would prefer to use your current process. 


The checklist is available in the "Files" folder on the right side of the page. 

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This service is to request your area consultant to meet with an employee or supervisor of a new or departing employee. They will review the new employee or separation checklist and help check access and enter tickets to add or remove access for the new or separating employee.