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How to recognize and report email phishing attempts with a "current event"-type subject
Making the most of technology safely and securely can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, regardless of what technology you are using or how you are using it, here are four simple steps that will help you stay secure.
This article provides general awareness information about and instructions for responding to phishing campaigns.
This article describes how to recognize and react to fake job offer scams.
Malicious actors are using the Coronavirus event as a basis for sending phishing emails, purporting to offer information or fraudulent grant money.
This article describes ransomware and advises employees on what to do if they think they have been infected by this type of malware.
This article provides examples of student employment-related email scams.
ISU employees must follow security-related best practices. Such practices are common across many different computer environments, and apply on personal computers as well as ISU computers.
This article provides information on preventing, identifying, and/or responding to a malware attack.