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The university is mandated by federal, state and/or local law, or university policy to enforce privacy and security safeguards for regulated data. This area of the Knowledgebase will help guide you through a general overview of regulated data-types at ISU. Please speak to your immediate supervisor for more information related to your role and responsibilities to meet regulatory compliance requirements when generating, storing, using, sharing, and managing regulated data.
AI is a new tool for generating content that must be used responsibly in terms of data security, its limitations, and the intellectual property of its outputs.
ISU employees must follow security-related best practices. Such practices are common across many different computer environments, and apply on personal computers as well as ISU computers.
The Standard for ISU Email Security for Mobile Devices defines the centrally enforced security device policies required for use of ISU email on personal and ISU-owned mobile devices by ISU faculty, staff, and affiliates. These device policies are required in order for ISU to comply with both the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Indiana Code (IC) 4-1-10.
Annual cybersecurity awareness training is an effective way to help our university community identify and prevent the loss of sensitive data and protect campus data resources. Security awareness training gives employees the information they need to identify the greatest cyber security threats faced by universities and colleges, including phishing emails that are designed to trick you into revealing sensitive university or personal data. United Educators training is a requirement.