Registering with MYDEVICES for Students, Faculty and Staff


This article explains how to connect home or consumer-grade devices like Game Consoles, Televisions, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and other similar devices to ISU’s enterprise network.



Access to the ISU-OPEN wireless and residential wired network is available for students, faculty and staff. It is recommended that ISU-SECURE be used to connect to the wireless network. However,  Some devices are not able to connect to an enterprise grade network environment. These are typically home or consumer grade devices like Game Consoles, Televisions, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and other similar devices. These instructions are for those devices that don't have a built-in web browser for both wired and wireless connections. At this time you can only use the MyDevices portal from a device that is on the campus network.

Estimated time to complete

15 Minutes or less


  1. You will need the Hardware Network Adapter (MAC) address of your device.
    • The process to locate the address varies by device and manufacturer; but it should look something like 12:23:56:78:90:AB or 12-34-56-78-90-AB. It can only contain numeric digits 0-9 and / or the letters A B C D E or F (hexadecimal values).
    • If your device has more than one adapter use the one that is best suited for your setup. In the Residential Facilities a Wired Connection is preferred. If you choose you may register both a wired and wireless adapter.
  2. From a laptop or device with a web browser already connected to the ISU network. Register your device by going to the My Devices Portal. Login with your University credentials.
  3. After logging in, enter the address you collected in step one in the “Device ID” field.
  4. Enter a “Description” so you can remember what the device id belongs to, i.e “XBOX”, “TIVO”, etc.
  5. Click on Submit and your device will be added to your list of registered devices.
  6. After you have added your device you may log out of the My Devices Portal (Top Right).
  7. Connect your device to the campus network, either the wireless or a wired connection in the residential facilities. It should start to work within a few minutes of submitting the device id.


  • This ONLY WORKS ON CAMPUS at this time.
  • You may only register up to a total of 10 addresses.
  • There is a known issue that when you review your devices in the MyDevices portal, the device status of pending will appear in the list. This is a known cosmetic issue with the system and intended for Cisco native supplicant registered devices. If your MAC address is shown in the list then it is registered. Please ignore the pending status.
  • If you find you still cannot connect to the Internet via your device / game console you can log back into the “My Devices” portal and check the registration. Verify the Address is entered correctly with valid format and values as indicated in step 1. If the registration looks correct you can contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910.
  • By default only 1 network port per residential room is active for wired connections. If you device is not getting a link status. Try the other jack, or if the jack is already in use, contact the help desk to have your second jack activated for no cost.
  • Devices that have NOT been seen on the campus network for over 90 days are automatically purged from the database and will need to be registered again.


After following these steps your device will be registered to connected to the ISU-OPEN wireless or Residential Life wired network at ISU. This is not a secure connection to the internet and does not encrypt your data.

Additional Help

Contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 if you need further assistance.




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