Computer Inventory Roles and Permissions


The Computer Inventory asset application in TeamDynamix houses all computer (non-infrastructure) assets on campus. The following will detail the handful of roles personnel have in regards to our Computer Inventory.


There are 5 roles defined for our Computer Inventory asset application. They are View Only, Asset Editor, Asset Creator and Editor, Asset Manager, and Administrator.

Role Description
View Only This role will have view only permissions of assets within the Computer Inventory asset app. Most staff will assume this role without needing to edit assets.
Asset Editor The Asset Editor role will give edit rights to staff in order to edit or reassign assets. Typically, support staff will assume this role.
Asset Creator and Editor The Asset Creator and Editor role will allow staff to create new assets in TDX as devices arrive as well as edit assets when necessary. This will be limited to our 'Prep and Pool' team for the Computer Acquisition process.
Asset Manager The Asset Manager is the authority over our Computer Inventory asset application and process implementations. The Asset Manager has the ability to make configuration changes. This is held by the Computer Logistics Coordinator, Cheryl Cochran.
Administrator TeamDynamix Administrator - Environment Administrator Authority

Additional Information

For any questions regarding roles, feel free to contact Chris Middleton.

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