How to install the Perceptive Content Desktop Client


To utilize scanning or printing to Perceptive Content in the cloud, you will need to install the desktop client from the Software Center. If you do not utilize scanning or printing you can access Perceptive Content by logging into MyISU and selecting the Perceptive Content link under ISU Apps.

Estimated Time to Complete

Installation of the Perceptive Content desktop client should take no longer than 10 minutes.


Step 1

Locate the Software Center by searching for it from the Start button search (Windows 10)

Click on Software Center to launch it.


Step 2

Locate and select the new Perceptive Content icon for Perceptive Content 7.9


Step 3

Select Install for Perceptive Content 7.9 

If the installation fails, hit Retry and it should install.

Step 4

 You will see the installer running in Software Center:


Step 5

Once you have installed you will see a new shortcut icon on your desktop.  

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After completing the installation and connection configuration, if you are having issues, please submit a Help Desk ticket here.

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