Install Automic (UC4) Client on Your Computer


"UC4" refers to Automic Applications Manager 9.4. It is a job scheduling tool used by a few administrative offices. Only authorized users and the OIT consultants who help those users need to install UC4 client.

ISU has two UC4 systems: UC4 Prod system for production jobs, and a UC4 Test system for testing purpose. Most users only need to use UC4 Prod system.

Estimated Time to Complete

Reviewing and following this guide will take approximately 20 minutes.

Steps to Install UC4 Client

1. First, check to see if you have any old UC4 client installation on your computer.

1.1) If you have an old installation of UC4 client, submit a ticket or call OIT (X2910) for assistance to delete the old folder(s).

1.1) If you have a new computer without existing UC4 client , you can start to install the new client now.

2. There is no restriction on Java version. Any up-to-date Java versin would work.

3. Install Automic (UC4) client from Software Center on you computer.

3.1) In the lower left  corner of Windows search bar, type "software center" and click "Software Center" to select it.

open software center

3.2) In the Software Center, click on Automic (UC4) Client.

3.3) Then click on "Install" button.

3.4) Installation now starts. It'll take about two minutes. During the installation process, a big dark blue PowerShell window will popup, and the Software Center will show "Installing".


3.5) Once the installation completes, the dark blue PowerShell window will close automatically.

4. Create short and Automic (UC4) client on your computer's desktop.

4.1) Browse to "Windows (C:)" -> "Automic Client" folder.

4.2) Right click on "RunClient.jar" file, and select "Send to -> Desktop(create shortcut)".

4.3) Once the shortcut for "RunClient.jar" has been created on your desktop, you may rename it to something like "Automic Client" or "UC4 Client". This step is optional.

5. Change icon for your desktop shortcut (optional).

5.1) Right click on the shortcut for RunClient.jar, and select "Properties" at the bottom of the popup menu box.

5.2) Click on "Change Icon" button in the middle.

5.3) Click on "Browser...."

5.4)  Browse to "C:\Automic Client" folder, and select "automic.ico" icon file. You'll only see one icon file in "C:\Automic Client" folder. Click OK.

5.5) Click on "Apply" and then "OK" to apply the icon to the shortcut.

5.6) Below is how your Automic Client looks like with the icon applied:

6. Login to Automic (UC4).

6.1 Make sure you are on ISU wired network, on use VPN if you are on ISU wireless or work from home.

6.2 In version 9.4, you only need one client for both the test and prod environment.


You should be able to use Automic (UC4) client to access Automic (UC4) to create, schedule, or submit jobs now.

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