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Video Quizzing with YuJa

yuja ... -integrated video quizzes, with LMS or Platform-accessible scores. Additional Articles and Resources on Quizzing: Additional articles include Settings, Question Types, taking a quiz and more.   For full YuJa knowledge base, visit: YuJa Help Center

How To Download a YuJa Recording

If you're backing up your Media Library or using an advanced video editor, you will need to download the YuJa videos as a .mp4 video. ... yuja ... Downloading a YuJa Recording to your Computer Click here for the most up-to-date instructions on downloading media Click here for a Video Tutorial on downloading media Downloading a YuJa

YuJa Video Conference Minimum Requirements

Recommended minimum computer and browser requirements for YuJa Web-conference. ... yuja ... Purpose This document is intended to guide users on how to properly utilize YuJa Web-conference for the best viewing experience. Application This standard applies to anyone using YuJa

How To Upload Videos and Media to YuJa

In order for an instructor or student to use videos not made with the Software Station or other media in a course, content must be uploaded to YuJa first. Files that can be uploaded include YouTube videos, web links, video and audio files, or documents from a personal computer. ... yuja ... 1. In YuJa, click the "MANAGE MEDIA" option. 2. Navigate to a folder or use default screen. Click UPLOAD. 3. Choose the appropriate file type from the Add Media screen.   4

How To Use the Sharing Option in YuJa

yuja ... Content Creators and Administrators can share their media with users inside and outside of the Video Platform using video Sharing, Publishing and Direct Links. Video Overview of Sharing Media Article on Sharing Media   For full YuJa knowledge base, visit: YuJa Help Center

How To Move Zoom Recordings to YuJa

How to move a Zoom recorded video into YuJa. ... yuja ... Introduction This article will assist faculty and staff in moving recordings from Zoom into YuJa. Estimated Time to Complete Reviewing this guide will take no more than 5 minutes

YuJa Lecture Capture Minimum Requirements

This document is intended to guide users on how to properly utilize YuJa Lecture Capture for the best recording experience. ... yuja ... Purpose This document is intended to guide users on how to properly utilize YuJa Lecture Capture for the best recording experience. The Software Station is used for creating recordings, is

How To Access YuJa through Canvas

Where to find YuJa link in a Canvas course ... yuja ... Accessing YuJa link in Canvas course It is easiest to launch YuJa from a Canvas course site. To access YuJa, log into Canvas, and select the course in which you are enrolled. In the navigation

How To Recording with the YuJa Software Station

yuja ... Apple Application Using the Browser Capture Studio Additional articles and instructions on Browser Capture Studio   Full YuJa Knowledge Base

How To Manage a YuJa Video Conference

When holding a class with the YuJa Video Conference software, there are a few things to keep in mind for a meeting owner or presenter that can help run the session smoothly. This document explains the roles assigned to participants and the formats for holding sessions. ... yuja ... Introduction There are three different roles in a video classroom session.  This article will describe the roles and the different permissions given to each role related to managing a Yuja video

YuJa Video Conference Tool Bar

Overview of the tool bar in YuJa video conference sessions. ... yuja ... and can be stopped by the meeting Owner   7. Help Help button - Shows options for support and documentation from YuJa Inc.   8. Additional Resources Video Conferencing Overview YuJa Help Center

How To Join a Yuja Video Conference

yuja ... Joining a Video Conference 1. Students and Instructors joining a conference will have an option to join through the Notifications bell icon in their YuJa account 2. Click the notifications

How To Publish a Video to a Course Channel in YuJa

Using the Course Channel YuJa instead of in Blackboard to make videos available to students. ... yuja ... Introduction Publishing a video to a course channel does NOT upload the recording to the Canvas course. Instead, users will have to access YuJa to view a video that is published to a course

How To Embed YuJa recording into Qualtrics surveys

For researchers that are using recorded video and want to add it to Qualtrics surveys. This will work for Faculty, Staff, and Students that are using both YuJa and Qualtrics. ... yuja ... 1. Get the Embed Code for your YuJa Video 1.A. Click More… from your video 1.B. Go to Links and copy the Embed this Video link   2. Go to your Text/Graphic question in Qualtrics

How To Create Direct Links of YuJa Videos

If you need to post or email a link to your YuJa video for guest viewing. ... yuja ... Creating Direct Links of YuJa Videos   1. Click on the "MANAGE MEDIA" option. 2. Mouse-over the video and click "More..." 3. Select “Links” from the menu on the pop-up screen. 4. Copy the “Direct Link” and paste it in an email.