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The Evisions Application Launcher (EAL) introduces a .NET framework for the Argos client. This decouples users from client-side Java dependencies. Due to the current OIT security policy, this newer client has to be installed either by users that have administrative privileges to their workstation or else via the Software Center.

  • If you have administrative rights to your workstation you may install EAL on your own by following the steps below. 
  • If you do not have administrative privileges on your workstation or if you are unable to locate EAL within Software Center submit a Support Request using this form.

Steps to Install

  1. Copy the following highlighted code.


  1. Paste it directly into the browser without any protocol prefix (i.e. - do not use HTTP or HTTPS, etc.--paste the code directly as-is into your browser and hit the enter key)
  2. If you see the dialogue box prompting you about using the "link," just click the "Open link" button to allow the Software Center to process it.
  3. Follow the Execution Steps according to the browser you will be using to launch Argos.

Execution Steps

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome all make use of similar dialogue boxes used to launch EAL. Just go to any webpage that executes Argos (i.e. - clicking the "power button" within the eLauncher portal or in accessing one of the Argos Web API report links (such as the Grade Distribution Report). EAL will then attempt to launch Argos as seen in the following images as long as the "base installation" of EAL has been installed, which should be done during the above Software Center steps:

Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Google Chrome

Clicking one of the buttons from the above images will result in Argos being executed:

  • Open Link (Mozilla Firefox)
  • Allow (Internet Explorer)
  • Open URL:Evisions Ap...aunch Protocol (Google Chrome)


If the Company Portal fails to load, please reach out to the Help Desk at 812-237-2910 or by submitting a ticket from TeamDynamix at https://indstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1851/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=20766&SIDs=10738.


Additional Resources

If more information about EAL is required, please refer to the Evisions documentation found here:



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