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Portal - Report an Issue


Portal badges provide Faculty, Staff and Students with access to many services and applications that individuals require. Not all individuals are provided with each service and therefore a request must be made for access. 

Standard Activities and Processes

With all Portal badge access requests the following basic steps are performed (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Determine if the requested access is currently available for customer type, example: Student, Staff, Faculty or Affiliate.
  2. Determine any time constraints (is there a specific time that the problem should be solved to prevent problems for the customer)
  3. Determine which service is being requested.

SLA:  For non-urgent issues you can expect a reply within 4 business hours. Stop Work/Urgent request you can expect a reply within 15 minutes.  


  • Access to many services provided via the Portal are based upon user role at the university. Staff may not be provided same access as students for example.
  • As the portal is completely browser based, problems may arise due to browser configuration.
  • OIT or any ISU department does not maintain some applications. Assistance is provided by the application developers only, often via “Help” within the application.



Planned outages only.