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Blackboard - Enroll or Unenroll User(s) from a Blackboard Course.


Blackboard is a powerful online course development, delivery, and management tool. Blackboard provides tools for maintaining grades, creating and grading online quizzes, providing access to course materials, facilitating communication through conferencing and web based chat, managing students and student groups, and exchanging files.


Standard Services and Features 

  • Enroll students, instructors, or others to a Blackboard course site
  • Unenroll students, instructors, or others from a Blackboard course site

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 2 business days.


Add or remove user requests have to be completed by the Instructor of the course, the Department Chairperson, or the Dean of the College.



Please complete the add or remove user request form.  

To request a non- ISU individual to be enrolled in a Blackboard course, use the Blackboard Accounts form