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Access business applications off campus (RSA) - Request Token


An RSA token is a physical device which generates a random password. This provides what is known as two factor authentication. Two factor authentication involves using "something you have" and "something you know" and usually consists of using a password and another form of authentication such as a smart card, biometric data (fingerprints, retinal scan) or token.  

Standard Service Features

  • Assign and distribute RSA token(s)

  • Reset RSA token PINs

  • Research user connectivity problems

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 2 business days.


Employees that are required to access administrative systems, such as Banner, from off-campus will need a token.

The initial cost to a department for a staff member to have a token assigned to them is $75.00. This includes the first year of maintenance and approximately half of the purchase price of the token. Each year afterward the department is responsible for the annual maintenance fee of $40.00.

Notify OIT by contacting the Technology Support Center (812-237-2910 or 888-818-5465) that the token is lost or damaged and whether a replacement is desired. It is the responsibility of the department to pay for a replacement.

For security reasons, tokens should be used only with University-provided computers. Under Indiana laws passed in 2006 you can be held criminally liable for data breaches under certain circumstances. Please review Indiana code 4-1-10 and 4-1-11 at


To request an RSA SecureID token, fill out the RSA Token Request Form located at Token Request Form.pdf. The instructions are located at the bottom of the form.