How to Update Faculty/Staff Directory Information and Profile Picture


This article will assist help desk technicians in understanding the processes of making changes to the ISU Faculty/Staff Directory

Directory information is changed within the “Employee Self-Service” badge within the MyISU Portal. Profile Pictures, however, are changed after a faculty or staff portrait session is scheduled and completed with the Office of Photography Services.

For other questions in regard to the directory photo, please have the user contact Tony Campbell at

Estimated Time to Complete

Information changes can take a day from the time the changes are made. Profile picture changes depend on the portrait picture appointment time.


Updating Address and Phone Number Information:

  1. Login to MyISU Portal.
  2. Click on the “Employee Self-Service” badge.
  3. Click on “Personal Information.”
  4. Click on “Update Addresses and Phones.”
  5. Update the address and phone number.
    1. If the user is a new faculty/staff member, have them select “Campus address -- employees” from the “Type of Address to Insert” dropdown menu, and then click on “Submit.” Some fields are required (for more information, see Instructions: Updating Office Phone and Office Location).
    2. If the user is a current faculty/staff member, have them select “Current” under “Campus address – employees.” Some fields are required (for more information, see the instructions link above).

Updating Profile Picture:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Faculty and Staff Portrait Session” to schedule an appointment to take a portrait picture with Photography Services.


After following the instructions above, the user should be able to update their directory information or schedule an appointment to take another picture for their directory profile.

Additional Resources

The following links may be of use to the troubleshooting technician or user:

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