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YuJa vs. Collaborate Ultra- Which video platform should I use?

Synchronous and asynchronous learning is a complex environment. This document can be used to help you decide what tool to use in your instructional setting.

Collaborate Ultra is the primary web conferencing tool for instructional purposes that we suggest for your online classroom sessions. YuJa is the primary lecture capture tool for asynchronous video recording. We will be best equipped to support these platforms, but we will do our best to support the instructional tool you choose to use. Many of the tools have similar functions. The matrix below shows what instructional tool you should use for each specific activity.



Record your class (Online Synchronous)

Collaborate Ultra

Record your lecture (Offline Asynchronous)


Online Meetings

(group projects/office hours/departmental meetings/tutoring sessions/guest speakers)

Collaborate Ultra

Video Assignments (student submitted material)


Manage and share videos



Collaborate Ultra

  • Virtual lecture capture
    • Synchronous classroom sessions
    • Share applications such as PowerPoint presentations while lecturing over the topic
    • Create polls
  • Virtual meetings
    • Office hours
    • Meet with affiliates
    • Meet with other instructors from different Universities
    • Tutoring sessions
  • Group project collaboration
    • Students can meet virtually rather than driving to a set locations such as the library

*Students are limited to using the designated course room. They cannot create their own meetings.


  • Virtual lecture capture
    • Asynchronous lecture capture
    • Record applications, such as PowerPoint presentations, while lecturing over the topic
    • Create video quizzes (pop-up questions) and polls
  • Student video assignments
  • Manage and Share Videos
    • Edit videos
    • Share with multiple classes
    • Embed video into Blackboard page 
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