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Office365 Migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What is Office 365 (O365)?

Office 365 (O365) is a cloud-based environment that will replace our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment for faculty/staff email.  Office 365 also provides access to Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and other productivity tools.  Our student email already runs in this environment.

Why are we migrating to the O365?

  1. O365 offers enhanced security and disaster recovery capabilities as compared to our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment.
  2. OneDrive for Business is available in the O365 environment, and will offer more flexible file sharing capabilities, but with enterprise security, as compared to our on-campus H: drive folders for each employee.  
  3. Your O365 email account will have 50 Gb of storage space compared to the current 7Gb.
  4. O365 will provide the “standard” Office applications, plus additional applications such as Yammer and other productivity tools that are not available in our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment.

ISU/OIT will implement the move to O365 in four stages:

  1. Merging of faculty, educational affiliates, and staff members with with dual email boxes ( and into a single mailbox for email, which will be completed by early October 2017.
  2. Migrating all OIT staff to Office 365 will take place in early October 2017.  
  3. Migrating the remaining faculty and staff members to Office 365 in early November 2017.
  4.  Migrating O365 Exchange and Office applications to the cloud, will be completed by the end of the calendar year 2017.

For more information on Merge process see the Merging Mailboxes Knowledge Base article.

The Migration Process

What happens to my faculty/staff email account when it is migrated to the O365 cloud?

All of your email, folders, rules, calendar appointments, tasks, contacts, and other items in your current email account will move to the O365?

Will I notice any difference in the way my email account looks or works?

  1. You should not see any difference in the way your email works.
  2. You will notice that you have access to other features such as OneDrive for Business, and some other tools that will be highlighted with training and documentation after the migration is complete and any issues have been resolved.

What happens if I am receiving email on my smartphone?

  1. If you are receiving your email on your mobile device (i.e. smartphone, tablet) your device should recognize that the server has changed and “auto-discover” the new O365 server in the cloud.
  2. If your device does not “auto-discover” the change in server and if you are not accessing email through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on your mobile device you may have to manually reenter the correct (new) server information in the server settings on your device.

What if I am sharing my calendar, email, conference room scheduling or someone else is sharing with me?

OIT is reviewing what accounts are sharing calendars and other resources. We will move people that are sharing calendars, email accounts, conference room scheduling, etc. together as much as possible so that there is as little disruption as possible while the migration is taking place

How will student employees be affected?

  1. Student Workers that have both a and a mail account will not have their accounts merged. They will retain their account, but they will no longer have access to the account.
  2. This results in the following changes for student employees:
    1. Student workers will no longer have dedicated emails assigned.
    2. Prior to the migration of student employee accounts departments will be given one week prior notice to move business related email from the account.
    3. After the two week period all email in the student employee email account ( will be deleted.
    4. Departments can request departmental accounts be created byby calling the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 or submitting a ticket through the TeamDynamix Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account service request.
    5. Requests to assign a student employee to a departmental email account, or to remove a student employee from a departmental email account, can be made by calling the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 or submitting a ticket through the TeamDynamix Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account service request.
  3. Student employees that are hired after the full migration is complete, will not be affected and will only have a single email address.

If a student or alumnus is hired as full time staff or faculty (for example, upon graduation), will their email address change to

Yes, and email sent to their student or alumnus email address ( will be delivered to the mailbox from there on out while they remain an employee.

When an employee, regardless of type (student, faculty or staff), leaves the University will all historical employment related emails need to be restricted since they could contain sensitive information?

  • Based upon the type of data handled by the department and the circumstances surrounding an employee’s separation from the University there are technical means to snapshot a mailbox immediately upon termination and to block access to the account until someone within the functional unit has a chance to review mailbox contents.  In cases where the separated employee is also a student, the department will need to notify OIT of the separation and the requirement to freeze the account immediately. 
  • The department would also need to work with the separated employee and academic departments to identify how the separated employee’s academic standing can be continued while making sure any institutional data is not put atrisk.  The specific policy, standards and procedures for this will be created as part of the Office365 migration project.  This would include SLA’s for account freeze(s), reviewing contents, and re-enabling the account.

After the Migration

As a final step for the eventual migration to Office 365, OIT must configure your UPN (User Principal Name) to match between the two systems (Exchange and Office 365). This will affect you if you use or have used other Office 365 applications offered with your Sycamores email such as OneDrive. You will be required to use your as your username when accessing any of the Office 365 applications. For example, if you were connecting to OneDrive using your address, the screen shots below show how this change will affect you and how to change it:

To change the UPN for One Drive, on the settings for your One Drive client, select the option to "Unlink this PC".

One Drive Client Account Settings

Then select the option to "Add an account" and use the new UPN of and your normal password.
One Drive Add an Account

This should update the credentials used to access your OneDrive.

Getting Help

If you experience issues in the preparation or after the migration, please notify the Technology Support Center (help desk) immediately at 812-237-2910. OIT will have additional staff available after the migration to assist as quickly as possible.

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