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Office365 Mailbox Merge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What is Office 365 (O365)?

Office 365 (O365) is a cloud-based environment that will replace our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment for faculty/staff email.  Office 365 also provides access to Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and other productivity tools.  Our student email already runs in this environment.

Who is affected by the O365 mailbox merge?

Note: only users who have both an address and an addresses are affected by the mailbox merge process.

  1. All individual accounts that currently run in our on-campus Microsoft Exchange environment will be migrated to O365.  This includes faculty, staff, University Affiliates, and retirees.  Student employees with accounts will be handled differently (see Merge section below).   
  2. Students are already on O365 and are not affected.

Why are we migrating to the O365?

  1. O365 offers enhanced security and disaster recovery capabilities as compared to our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment.
  2. OneDrive for Business is available in the O365 environment, and will offer more flexible file sharing capabilities, but with enterprise security, as compared to our on-campus H: drive folders for each employee.  
  3. Your O365 email account will have 50 Gb of storage space compared to the current 2 Gb.
  4. O365 will provide the “standard” Office applications, plus additional applications such as Yammer and other productivity tools that are not available in our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment.

ISU/OIT will implement the move to O365 in four stages:

  1. Merging of faculty, educational affiliates, and staff members with with dual email boxes ( and into a single mailbox for email, which will be completed by early October 2017.
  2. Migrating all OIT staff to Office 365 will take place in early October 2017.  
  3. Migrating the remaining faculty and staff members to Office 365 in early November 2017.
  4. Migrating O365 Exchange and Office applications to the cloud, will be completed by the end of the calendar year 2017.

For more information on the Office 365 Migration see the Office365 Migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Knowledge Base article.

How will the merge to Office 365 work, generally speaking?

One of the key differences in the O365 environment as compared to our on-campus environment is that individuals can no longer have multiple accounts.  If you are an employee *and* a student, you now have two email accounts – an and an account. In this merge, OIT must collapse all dual accounts into one account for the individual.  This merge process is the first step in the move to O365.

Once all accounts are merged into a single account, in the migration phase all accounts will be migrated from the on-campus Exchange environment to Office 365 in the cloud.  This is the second step in the move to O365. 

After the merge, while you will access your mail from a different location, basic functions will work more or less like they do now.  You will use the same ID and password you use for on-campus email to access O365.  All contents of Outlook – In-Box, Online Archive, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, etc. – will be moved.

Because we have lots of mail in our mailboxes, the migration will take place over a period of at least several weeks.  You will be notified before and as your migration takes place.

The Merge Process

I am a faculty/staff member, and I have both an (employee) account and an (student) account.  How will the merge process affect me?

  1. Faculty and staff with two email accounts will have their accounts merged into a single mailbox account (but will not lose any information). 
    1. Staff, faculty, and ISU Affiliates will have an email address.
    2. You will not get to select which email is merged. All email in your account will be merged in to your email account.
    3. You will still have and email addresses pointing at your one account. Emails to your account will be delivered to your account after the migration.

How will student employees be affected?

  1. Student employees that have both an and an mail account will not have their accounts merged. They will retain their account, but they will no longer have access to the account.
  2. Departments can request departmental accounts be created by calling the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 or submitting a ticket through the TeamDynamix Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account service request.
  3. Requests to assign a student employee to a departmental email account, or to remove a student employee from a departmental email account, can be made by calling the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 or submitting a ticket through the TeamDynamix Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account service request.
  4. Student employees that are hired after the migration is complete, will not be affected and will only have a single email address.

I am a student or alumnus/alumna with only an account and  I have never had an employee ( account.  How will the merge affect me?

Students and alumni who are not also employees will continue to have an email address only.  Their email is already in O365 and this merge and migration will not affect email for these individuals in any way.

I am a faculty/staff member and only have a single email account.  What changes for me in the merge process?

If you only have email account, you will not see any change in your email because of the merge process.

Before the Merge

What will I need to do before the migration?

  1. You do not have to do anything prior to the migration.   However, you may want to use this opportunity to clean up your email account by emptying your deleted email folder, deleting old Sent Items and generally removing email that is no longer needed.  The less that has to be migrated, the greater the chances that the migration will be successful and complete.
  2. We will migrate you after hours so when you log in the next morning you will be on the new O365 server in the cloud.

When will I be notified of the migration?

  1. Notification of the migration will be made through Global Communication and departmental notifications at two weeks, one week, and one day prior to the migration.
  2. You will also be notified the day after the migration has occurred.

After the Merge

What will I need to do after the migration?

  1. Outlook will recognize that the server has changed and “auto-discover” the new O365 server in the cloud. This should only last a few minutes.
  2. OIT can review the migration for errors or incomplete data. If OIT does see issues we will contact you with further information and a path to remedy the problem.
  3. Confirm as much as possible that nothing has changed and that everything moved accordingly.
  4. Confirm as much as possible that any shared resources, rules, calendar items, folder structure, etc. are still working correctly.

What address will show up in the Outlook address book?

  1. There is only one entry per individual.
  2. The primary address for an employee will be
  3. The primary address for a student will be
  4. Since there is only one entry per person, you will not have to select which address to use for people who are in both a student role and an employee role.

Where will my merged email be stored?

If you are a faculty or staff member, and elected to keep your (either by survey or default) you will only have a single mailbox and you will see the following in your single mailbox:

  1. A new folder called “Top of Information Store” will be created by automated process in your mailbox.
  2. All contents of your student mailbox ( will be automatically moved into this folder, with their existing  folder structure intact.
  3. We will eliminate your mailbox. 
  4. OIT will set up a forward on your address, which will now function more or less like an alias.  So, after the merge, email addressed to your will be redirected to your employee account and all mail sent to your address will delivered to your employee account inbox.
  5. During the merge process a rule is added to your account so that all email addressed to address will be delivered to your “Top of Information Store”. The rule will keep your work and student email separated automatically.
  6. If you want to change the rule contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910.

Shared/Departmental Account Questions

What happens to my shared departmental account that is used for marketing/business related purposes?

Shared mailboxes will be migrated to the O365 server so they will continue to work.

If student employees no longer have accounts, how will they conduct business for my department?

  1. Since all faculty, staff and students will be on the same O365 server, student workers can be given access to departmental email accounts (i.e.
  2. If a student worker leaves your office access is removed automatically.

What if I have student workers, but I do not have a shared email account?

  1. A shared/departmental mailbox is only needed if students will need to communicate through email for business purposes.
  2. You can request a departmental email account by submitting an OIT Ticket by calling the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 or submitting a ticket through the TeamDynamix Departmental Email Address Request- New or Update Account service.

When emails are being sent from departmental accounts will we able to track who actually sent the email?

It isn't directly viewable from the message, but it is logged as to who accesses and sends messages from a mailbox and it can be requested to provide the information as needed.

Does the system track who was assigned to the shared email account with start and end dates and will this information be accessible by someone in the department?

  1. When a faculty, staff or student worker is separated from the University or department a separation ticket is created and pushed through the system.
  2. The access to shared mailboxes is removed. OIT will work with individual departments to make sure proper best information security practices are adhered to for shared email accounts.
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