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Shared Voice Mail Quick Start Guide (Traditional Telephone)


A shared voice mailbox in the Exchange Unified Messaging environment will allow a group of users to utilize the same extension and retrieve the voicemails received on that extension.  The functionality that you see is very similar to what you are used to with a traditional voice mailbox.

How does a Shared Voice Mailbox differ from a user mailbox?

A shared voice mailbox allows voicemails to be stored for an extension, but it does differ from a standard user mailbox in a couple of ways:

  • Shared voice mailboxes are only able to access voice messages.  Emails, calendar appointments, and contacts are not accessible from a shared mailbox.
  • You will not be able to reset the PIN number, should it be forgotten.  To have the PIN reset, see the instructions below.

Estimated time to complete

10 minutes


To Access your account for the first time:

  1. Dial the Outlook Voice Access number (2727) and enter the temporary PIN number:  143673
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your new PIN number, paying attention to the PIN criteria specified by the system.
  3. After setting up your PIN, you now can proceed to using the system.  Follow the voice prompts to use the features.

Check your voicemail:

  1. To check the voicemail for your shared voicemail mailbox, log in to Outlook Voice Access by dialing the extension 2727.
  2. If you are calling from an extension that also has Unified Messaging enabled, you will need to log in to the shared mailbox by pressing star (*) instead of entering the PIN for the personal mailbox
  3. When prompted enter the extension of the shared voicemail mailbox and the PIN number.

Reset your PIN number

  1. Using a browser, open
  2. Search for "Unified Communications - Report an Issue"
  3. Enter a ticket by selecting Voicemail as the service type and requesting a shared voice mailbox PIN reset.
  4. A technician will contact you with your new PIN.

Change your personal greeting

  1. Access Outlook Voice Access using your current PIN number.
  2. Say “Personal Options”
  3. Choose Option 2
  4. Choose 1 for Personal Greeting
  1. Follow the system prompts to record and save your greeting


After following the steps in this guide you will have set up your voice mailbox and are prepared to start receiving voice mails with a customized greeting played to your callers.

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