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Banner TDX Ticket Process

Banner TDX Ticket Process

How it should work until workflows are applied:

  1. The security manager/TSC Helpdesk is contacted by an employee in a department for Banner access.
  2. Security manager/TSC confirms that the supervisor is making the request, check the employee has a FERPA on file, puts in a ticket on a customer’s behalf.
  3. Ticket starts at the TSC. The TSC Help Desk routes ticket to the appropriate security manager depending on access requirements – STUDENT, FINANCE, A/R, FINAID, etc.
  4. Security manager (s} approves/denies request, confirms FERPA and updates ticket with the Banner roles and/or classes to be assigned.
  5. Security manger then assigns ticket to DBA group.
  6. DBA group executes ticket and applies security settings.
  7. DBA resolves ticket, adds the customer and security manager in the notify field

If the supervisor enters the ticket through the Client Portal (correctly) this process will start at step #3.

If someone other than the security manager/supervisor puts in a ticket, TSC will notify the requestor that they cannot submit the ticket have the correct person enter the ticket or adds the supervisor approval to the ticket, cancel the incorrect ticket if another is submitted.

*if there is not a FERPA on file, the request should not be moved to the Security Manager. Place the ticket on hold until a FERPA is processed. 

How to reassign the ticket: From security manager to ICS – DBA Group

Open the ticket

Click Update at the top

Click Reassign Service Request

Enter ICS – DBA Group in the New Responsibility box


How to add attachment to a ticket:

Open ticket

Click Add

Select Attachment


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