Computer Acquisition - Standard Equipment


This service allows faculty and staff to request the purchase of standard windows laptops with or without accessories.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to worldwide component shortages beyond OIT and computer vendors’ control, estimated ship times are often varied and you could see an extended wait time.

Standard Services and Features 

It is recommended that you read through each link on this service for information relevant to your particular situation and need before proceeding to the request link. Please read the following:

Faculty and Staff Computer Standards

Service Level Agreement (SLA):  You can expect this service to be completed in 30 business days.


  • This service is for current Staff and Faculty.
  • If this request is for a student worker, the request must be made by a ISU full time staff member.
  • For faculty/staff computer refresh equipment the department will not be charged, all other requests will receive an Intramural Voucher from OIT.
  • If you are requesting any exceptions to the standard procedures, this may cause a delay in the deployment.
  • Requests for Standard equipment are generally fulfilled sooner than requests for non-standard equipment.
  • You can request computers for up to six different people with this service.  If you have more than six people, you will need to complete a new request.


Select "Request Equipment" and provide the following required information (see "Computer Acquisition Standards and Guidelines" for details on this information).

Please fill out the personal information as completely as possible.  If the person has not yet been hired, use their Banner position number as the name.  Incomplete information will cause delays in the acquisition process.

  1. Name of person making the request.
  2. Information about the person(s) receiving the equipment:
    1. Role of the person
    2. Full Name
    3. University ID
    4. Title
    5. Building
    6. Room
    7. Email
    8. Phone
  3. Funding source
  4. Will this be the persons primary work machine?
  5. Will this person be getting multiple computers?
  6. The Computer Package is being requested
  7. Uses for the computer.
  8. Are you requesting the same computer package for multiple people?  If you are requesting computers for multiple people, ensure you have the required information for all the people.

You will receive a ticket number within one business day of submission.

Request Equipment


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