Advisor Scheduler – Request Access


Advisor scheduler is an online scheduling tool to help advisors (UC, professional, and faculty advisors) schedule appointment with students. Advisor scheduler reads from advisors’ Outlook calendar and displays time availability to students. Students can only request appointment in available time slots. There are two version of the scheduler: UC advisor scheduler for University College advisors, and academic advisor scheduler for faculty and professional advisors.

Standard Service Features

Advisors who wish to use the advisor scheduler needs to request an account, and configure Outlook calendar to allow the scheduler read permission. Once setup, advisors login to the advisor scheduler with ISU username and password.

SLA: You can expect and email or a phone call within 2 business days.


  • UC advisors may request access to UC advisor scheduler; professional advisors and faculty advisors may request access to academic advisor scheduler.
  • GAs and student workers cannot be use the advisor scheduler.


When making the request provide:

  1. ISU username
  2. ISU email address
  3. Department
  4. Preferred Display time
  5. Whether the advisor is a University College advisor, professional advisor of a college, or faculty advisor.
Request Advisor Scheduler


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