Custom Software Consultation


Web databases, custom desktop applications, reporting interfaces, hardware control programs, software for processing and collecting data, and parallel programs for computing clusters can be developed for ISU faculty and staff. These solutions can run on PC’s or the web as necessary.

Standard Features

Bring us your unique software requirements, and OIT staff will help you evaluate existing products on the market, if there are any, and determine whether customized software needs to be developed. If so, software will be designed and developed in house. Depending on the resources required (development time, sever, storage space, etc.), your request may need to be approved as an OIT project first.

SLA: You can expect an email or phone call within 2 business days to schedule a consultation meeting.


  • Individual faculty member may request custom programming service for teaching or research purpose.
  • Staff may request this service on behalf of the administrative unit.
  • We CANNOT do reverse engineering or duplication of proprietary software system.
  • Only ISU faculty and staff may request this service.

Approval by OIT security engineer may be necessary on a case-by-case basis.


Customers should specify the purpose of the custom software, have a general idea of how the software will be used, and provide the expected timeline of the product delivery.

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