Voice Mail – New Mailbox or Modification


Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging combines Email, Voicemail, and Calendar on your phone and in Outlook.

It is a simple interface that integrates your commonly used services so that they are only a phone call or a click away.

With Unified Messaging you have access to Exchange Email, Calendaring, and Contacts on your phone, utilizing Outlook Voice Access.  You also have access to your voicemails in Microsoft Outlook.

Standard Services and Features 

  • Individual voice mailboxes as well as shared voice mailboxes
  • Receive Voice Mails via telephone and email
  • Maintain current and “away” greetings separately
  • Access calendar information and emails via telephone
  • Closer integration with Microsoft services such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Access voicemail and options from anywhere using any telephone

SLA:  you can expect service fulfillment within 5 business days.


  • Voice mail functionality only applies to campus telephone numbers
  • Voice mail requests and changes must be submitted by faculty or staff


Please provide the information requested on the form.  If you have questions, prior to submitting the request, contact UnifiedCommunications@mail.indstate.edu.

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