Blackboard Collaborate Interface Change Request


The Ultra interface in Collaborate is preferred in most instances.  It integrates with a browser better than the classic version which results in fewer instances where students have connection issues.  All the features available in Classic are also available in Ultra. 

Standard Services and Features

Collaborate is a web conferencing tool.  The Ultra interface integrates into the browser and is designed to dedicate more screen space to the participant and screen sharing windows.  The Classic interface requires users to download and install a launcher in order to use it.  In Classic, the menus and features are displayed more prominently on the screen.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 2 business days.


The Classic interface requires installation of a launcher to use Collaborate.  Students who may not have admin rights to their computer, or who are trying to use a tablet or browser-based device may experience problems connecting.  If students in a class are experiencing this type of issue, it is strongly recommended that the instructor continue using the Ultra interface.


To use the Ultra interface, be sure you are clicking on the “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra” tool in the menu.  Clicking on the “Blackboard Collaborate” tool will display a limited feature set.

Maintenance Schedule

Blackboard Collaborate is unavailable whenever Blackboard is unavailable.           



Request Interface Change

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