Blackboard - Request Student Usage Analysis


Many course reports are available to instructors by going to the Blackboard course, clicking on “Evaluations” and then “Course Reports.”  These reports are able to provide the information generally requested.  If additional information or assistance with interpretation is needed, instructors may request a Blackboard Student Activity Analysis.

Dropped Student Data – Information on dropped students may be found by running the course reports “Single Course User Participation” or “Student Overview for a Single Course.”

Deleted or Changed Grades – All entries to the grade book are saved in the grade history.  This can be found in the Full Grade Center under “Reports” then “View Grade History.”

Standard Services and Features

If the standard course reports are not sufficient, OIT will gather the selected data from server log files and then put that data into a readable format.

SLA:  You can expect this service to be completed in 5 business days.


Student activity and grade information is FERPA protected data.  As such it can only be provided to authorized individuals.

Students – A student may request a report of their own activity so long as that report does not show data for other students other than course averages.

Instructors – An instructor may request a report on a student taking their course for activity that occurs within their course.

Chairs or Deans – A Department Chair or College Dean may request a report on student activity within any course in their domain.

Activity reports are run on individuals.  At this time, we cannot run activity reports for general research or analysis.


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