Banner - Change Account Ownership


Extra Banner accounts not associated with a person's SSO credentials are sometimes necessary within the Banner Administrative product.  In these cases, we still need to associate ownership of those accounts to an account owner.  This process allows us to make those associations.  

Examples of these type of accounts are:

  • Student Worker Accounts
  • Departmental Reporting Accounts
  • Distributed Security Accounts

Standard Features

As an ISU employee, you will use this service to:

  • Request that an existing Banner Account be transferred to another employee.
  • As part of the transfer request, the existing roles, groups and environments can be modified.


  • Current Employees
  • Student Employees
  • Owner must have a Signed FERPA on file and a valid University ID Number.
  • All Security Requests must be approved by the Banner Security Managers


Information needed for the Supervisor to complete your request:

  • Employee Name
  • University ID
  • University Username
  • Employee must have a Signed FERPA agreement on file.
  • Requested Banner Account Name (we will default to the University Username)
  • Requested Banner Security Area (STUDENT, AR, FINANCE, HR, etc.)
  • Banner Environment
  • General Purpose of the Account
Request Banner Account Transfer

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A Banner account request must originate from an employee's supervisor - individuals can’t just request a Banner account on their own.  If there is no indication as to why or what is needed, we must respond to the request by asking for their supervisor to submit the request.
Provides information on how to contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) for help.


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