Printer Purchase and Management Standards


Printer and printing management standards have been defined to promote cost efficiency and sustainability.



This standard is intended to offer printers that satisfy most end user printing needs while maximizing cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.  It is also intended to create a foundation for effective printing management practices.  Important principles underlying this standard include:  reducing power and paper consumption; reducing waste; reducing cost; and reducing the need for printer support, while also improving printer support.


  • This standard applies to faculty and staff of Indiana State University.
  • This standard applies when decisions are being made about purchasing a printer.  It also applies when default printer settings are being entered.


Exceptions to procurement standards may be granted with proper approvals. . 



1.   Ricoh has been selected as the standard vendor for printers.  Printers should be purchased with a support contract.    A list of standard printers used at ISU may be obtained from Purchasing or through the Ricoh Copy Center on campus.

2.  If a printer is purchased for local use (not network connected), a black and white laser printer is recommended.

3.  Ink jet printers may not be purchased.  Special-purpose requirements for ink jet printers will be handled as exceptions.

4.  All printers purchased should have duplex capability.

Print Management

1.  Printer and copier default will be set to black and white on ISU workstations.

2.  Printer default will be set to duplex on ISU workstations.





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