Parchment Transcript Integration


High Level overview of the Parchment Transcript Integration, including the issues that may arise when trying to print or process records.



ISU developed an integration between Parchment (formerly Avow) and Banner.  This integration sends a Transcript Request (using PESC XML Standards) to Banner and Banner automatically processes the request.  This results in 1 of 2 outcomes:

  1. Printed Transcripts will be available on the ORR Transcript Printer to be mailed.
  2. Electronic Transcripts will be automatically sent to Parchment to be made available to the student.


Transcript Requests will not print or process



Transcript Requests through Parchment will not process if the following are true:

  • Birthdate is before January 1, 1981
    • Reasoning is because people born before this time may have "Pre-Banner" information, so the Banner Generated Transcript may not be complete.
    • When this happens ORR personnel must confirm the transcript is complete and manually upload the transcript to Parchment
  • Hold is in place
    • Transcript Holds - money is owed to the university.
    • Hold for Degree - Degree has not yet posted.



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