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Location and Location Room Information for Ticket Submission



When a service request requires a physical visit, the ticket has to reflect a location so that those responding to the request will know where to go. This is done using the TDX Location and Location Room input fields found on request forms. The fields make use of values that the requester can select but are pre-populated location values extracted from outside of TDX and consist of two parts:

  • Physical Locations (Buildings)
  • Actual Rooms

For data correction information, click here.



Physical locations and or actual buildings are associated with requests using the Location drop-down form input on the ticket creation screens as seen below:

Standard Location Search Box

This field can be used by clicking on the empty text space to reveal a drop-down list of options or else one can enter words into the text box to filter for specific values. Value association occurs the moment you begin typing into the text space:

Standard Location Search Box

As you can see in the image to the left, the user began typing "Ad" in an effort to find entries that had the characters 'A' and 'd' in their names. Keeping in mind that this field only provides a limited number of suggestions, users can also click on the blue magnifying lens icon () to expose an expanded search interface like the one seen below:

Expanded Location Search Interface




This expanded search interface provides additional capabilities sometimes needed to find entries in the system that the standard drop-down options might not show. Some of the pre-populated information might be missing, such as addresses, but as you can see from the image to the right, it provides additional items that users might desire (such as the "External ID," which represents additional elements related to the entries that came from the campus system-of-record database). At the time of this writing, you could only select one location per-ticket.

Once an entry has been found and selected, TDX then reveals the Location Room field, which is very similar to the Location field above: it provides a space to type values into whereby based on those values, a set of subsequent options is exposed to select from that corresponds to rooms available from the selected location:

Standard Location Room Search InterfaceSimilar to how the Location field functions, this field also associates input to pre-populated values by providing suggestions based on the value(s) typed into the search box. Additionally, this also provides an expanded search interface like the Location field does.

Note: the majority of browsers support the functionality these fields provide but there are situations where they fail to populate the drop-down values, either from inadequate vendor-adoption of the functionality standards or else due to browser add-ons. If and when this occurs, one should try to use the fields in their browser with any and all add-ons being disabled or else by using a separate browser that lacks customization.



Corrections to Location and or Location Room Values

The Location field is pre-populated with values that come directly from the campus system-of-record database. If corrections to this information are required, please submit a TDX ticket here explaining what changes are required.

Location Room values are pre-populated as well, however, these values come from the Sycamore Facilities Management Work Request System (otherwise known as WebTMA) and require consultation from Facilities Management to better institute modifications to data that they maintain. To do this, please log into MyISU and submit a ticket to the WebTMA system (found in the "MyISU Apps 2" screen) via the following badge:

WebTMA MyISU Badge






Clicking the badge reveals the WebTMA screen and will prompt you for basic details surrounding your request. After providing this information, a ticket will be submitted to Facilities Management staff who will then respond to your request:

WebTMA Ticket Screen













Once the new room information has been populated, the next step is to import the room information into TDX using the TDX Web API and might be subject to project request processing (for more on this, please see the Client Project Request service).


Should additional assistance be required, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 812-237-2910.



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