Customizing and Filtering Desktop Reports


This article describes how to customize a Desktop Template



A TeamDynamix Desktop is a user configurable display area that contains reports, list of your assignments, and other information. Any Technician user in TDNext can customize a desktop with reports from any of the TeamDynamix applications. This includes ticketing, projects, knowledge base, asset, etc reports. These reports can be any reports that you have written, reports that others have shared visibility with you, and built-in (canned) reports from TeamDynamix.


  1. Log into TDNext, aka Technician view of TeamDynamix
  2. Select the Desktop Application
  3. From the drop down list (right side of page) select the Desktop you want to customize
  4. Select Edit Desktop
  5. On the content tab, you will have the option to "Edit Layout" if you would like to explore options for different column organizations for reports to show up in.
  6. Otherwise, you can add/remove reports to the columns available with the current layout.
  7. To add reports, click through the applications to find the report or search on the name. Once you find it, drag to one of the columns.
  8. Click save


By following these steps you will have customized your desktop layout and filtered any generalized reports to your specific information.

Additional Resources

If you have any issues, questions, or suggestions please submit a TeamDynamix - Report an Issue ticket.



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