Accessing Minitab for Students


This article provides instructions to students on how to access the Minitab virtual app and/or install the client on Windows devices.



Minitab is data analysis, statistical and process improvement software tool used by organizations worldwide to improve quality and reduce costs. Minitab tools are used by Six Sigma practitioners, quality engineers, and statisticians to help solve real-world problems.

Requests to use Minitab for students must be made by faculty instructing a course using the software.

Minitab is available to students for installation on Windows devices.  If you do not have a Windows device, a virtual app of Minitab is available via web browsers at  This article will feature the steps needed to access both versions available.


Accessing the Minitab Virtual App via Web Browser

  1. Open a Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge browser (Other browsers are not supported).  Navigate to  Enter your ISU email, and click on the “Next” button.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. You will be redirected to ISU’s Single Sign On page. Enter your university password and click Sign In.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. You may be redirected to the Minitab Sign In portal one more time. Enter your ISU email once more, and click on the “Next” button.
  4. You will see the Minitab portal page shown below. Click on “Minitab Statistical Software” under “My Products”.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  5. On the next page, click on the “Open Web App” button.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. Scroll down to the subscription agreement. Agree to the terms and click Accept.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  7. Next click on the link “Open the Web App” (the last line on the right column).Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  8. The Minitab application appears on the next window. On subsequent logins, navigate to and Minitab will open right after entering your credentials. You will receive a welcome message from Minitab; it may be disregarded.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Installing Minitab On Your PC (Windows Devices Only)

  1. Log in to the Web App and click on the person icon in the right hand corner.  Select Manage Account.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. You will see the Minitab portal page shown below. Click on “Minitab Statistical Software” under “My Products”.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Select Download Desktop App.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  4. Run the downloaded executable and follow the prompts. When asked how you want to activate the software, select Activate with a license.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  5. For licensing method, select "Sign In"Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the install.
  7. When starting the locally installed Minitab software, you will be prompted to sign-in. Once again, use your University email address, click Next, and complete the login process using your ISU credentials. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Additional Information

If you have any questions or issues regarding accessing Minitab, contact the OIT Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910 #1 or visit the TSC, located on the lower level of Stalker Hall, Room 009.



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