Using Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching


This article provides resources for learning how to use Microsoft Azure Development Tools for Teaching.


Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

What is the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program?

It provides faculty and their students the use of select Microsoft products at no additional cost for instructional use after the faculty member has subscribed to the program. It includes the following products:

Advanced Threat Analytics
Agents for Visual Studio
Azure DevOps Server (formerly Visual Studio Team Foundation Server)
BizTalk Server
Host Integration Server
Hyper-V Server
Machine Learning Server (formerly R Server)
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visio
Remote Tools for Visual Studio
SharePoint Server
Skype for Business Server
SQL Server Developer
SQL Server Enterprise
SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (formerly Datazen Enterprize)
SQL Server Standard
SQL Server Web
System Center
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Community
Visual Studio Enterprise
Visual Studio for Mac
Windows 10
Windows Server

Access and Usage Information

How does a faculty member apply for this program?

Go to  There is a form with several fields to fill out. 

  1. Plan Status  - new plan (if the faculty member has not participated in this program before) or renewal
  2. Agreement Number – 80759241
  3. Institution Information – this include the school name and address, faculty email address and phone number
  4. Plan Information – Shows that the application covers 1 year of usage.  Fill in the Plan Administrator First Name, Last Name, Email and Department.  This is the information for the faculty member using the program.  Domain name is

How do faculty download software?

You can download this software in the Education Hub Software section.

How do students download software?

Students sign in to the Azure portal with their school credentials. Students will then open the Education Hub Software section and access the available software downloads.

If our students download software through the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program, do they get unlimited use of the software?

Yes. Students receive unlimited software usage to further their learning and research efforts.

If our students create viable apps and products using Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software, can they sell them commercially?

In general, no. Students cannot sell apps and products made by using Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. However, thanks to a partnership between Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and Microsoft App Store teams, students can create games and applications to sell in the Windows Store.

Do faculty have unlimited use of the software through the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program?

Yes. If a faculty member is enrolled in an approved course, they are eligible to install Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software onto their personal computer for non-commercial use.

Does Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching include Microsoft Office?

No. The focus of Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is to provide departments, faculty and students with the tools necessary to specifically expand their study of software development and testing. Therefore, we provide technologies such as Windows Server, Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server and Platform SDK.

Why aren't my sign-in credentials recognized when I sign in to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?

Make sure that you are trying to sign in to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching with your school credentials. It might help to open a private browsing window session.

If you are still unable to sign in, contact your subscription admin. To find your subscription admin, contact us.

How do I find my Subscriber ID?

  • When you first enroll in the program: Your Subscriber ID number is in the subscription welcome email that you receive.
  • If you renewed your subscription: Your Subscriber ID is in the renewal email that the subscription administrator received.

If you need help locating your Subscriber ID, contact us.

How and when do we renew our Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription?

Sixty days before your membership expires, you will start receiving email reminders to renew your subscription. In a renewal email, select the renewal link.

If you do not receive these reminder emails and are concerned that your subscription is about to expire, contact us.

Alternatively, go to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching - Renew page, and complete the renewal process.

To check the expiration date of your subscription, go to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Management portal, and look under Subscriptions.

Assistance and Privacy

What if I need more help?

Contact us by going to our Subscriptions Support page and locating your region.

Where is the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching privacy and cookies policy?

The Microsoft Privacy Statement describes the personal data that Microsoft collects, how it processes that data, and why it shares that data.

This privacy statement covers a range of Microsoft products including its apps, devices, servers, services, software, and websites. It also provides product-specific information and details its policy for using cookies.



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