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In the interest of enhanced data security, OIT has begun to centrally manage desktop updates using Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).  This change will ensure that security and functionality updates are installed in a timely manner.  This page contains important information for working with updates on your desktop, please read it thoroughly.  If you have any questions or problems please contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910. 

As updates are released from Microsoft (and other vendors) they will be vetted to avoid any unforeseen problems and then released to the campus.

At this time Windows Operating System and certain Adobe products will have their updates managed.  More products will be added to this list with time.

Update Process

When Updates are Available

At system startup (or while working), you may receive a notification from SCCM that looks like this:

Changes Task Tray Image

That means that an update is ready to be installed on your computer.  Currently it is checking for Microsoft updates, and Adobe updates.  If you miss this notification, you can find the SCCM update icon in your system tray.

Changes Required Message

Click the icon pictured above to receive a list of required updates.  You can check to see what updates are required by clicking view details.  From there you can also schedule individual updates if you wish e.g. large service packs can be put off until the evening while other updates can go immediately if you choose.  The time required to install all required updates, and whether a restart (or multiple restarts) will be required, will depend on the number and type of updates available for the software you have installed on your computer.

Software Center Image 1

Business Hours

When selecting to install updates you are presented two options:  Apply all required changes now and Apply all required changes outside of my business hours.  Selecting the latter will perform updates outside of the business hours (as long as your machine is left on over night) which you can configure by selecting View my configured business hours in the Software Center dialogue box. 

Software Center Image 2

You can use these controls to force updates into a specific window outside of your normal working hours. 

Software Center Image 3



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