Things to Know and Do Before Taking an Exam in Blackboard


The following checklist should provide assistance for students preparing to take an exam in Blackboard.

If you have any issues while using Blackboard, contact Blackboard Support (812-237-7000, or Report an Issue.


  • Know – Before you begin an exam the instruction screen will tell you vital information about the exam settings. Specifically, whether the exam has a time limit or if it must be completed in a single sitting.
  • Know – ‘Force Completion’ means that once you begin an exam, if you exit for any reason the exam will be submitted and you will not be able to open it again.
  • Know – When the exam timer expires, you will see a warning. It is important to save and submit before the time expires. A professor is not required to accept an exam that has exceeded the time limit, so be sure you know the expectation.
  • Know – Many devices can interfere with a wireless connection. Items such as microwaves and Bluetooth game controllers will weaken the wireless signal and may cause connectivity interruptions. Residential Halls have many of these interference-causing devices in a relatively small area, so the wireless connection from your room may drop unexpectedly for brief times.
  • Do – Ensure your computer is in good working order before beginning an exam. Run a virus scan and updates at least a day before you take the exam.
  • Do – Turn off any application on your computer that may pop-up, such as messaging or news apps, while you are taking the exam.
  • Do – Make sure you are using a secure network connection. The most stable is a wired connection to a robust network such as the one at ISU. If you must use a wireless connection, go to a location that will have fewer possibilities of connectivity interruption, such as the ISU Library.
  • Do – Give yourself plenty of time to complete the exam before the due date. Technical issues can arise unexpectedly and may sometimes take a while to resolve.
  • Do – Contact your professor and Blackboard Support (812-237-7000, immediately if you experience any problems while taking an exam that prevent you from completion.


After reading through and following the above checklist, you should be ready to take an exam in Blackboard.

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