How To Install Contact Center Updates


Interactive Update is a utility that will allow for updates to IC Software to be installed as needed, based on the patches installed in the environment.  Interacting with the utility is very similar to that of Windows Update, native to the Windows operating system.  This procedure will walk you through the process of installing updates using Interactive Update.

Warning:  When updates are installed, the application for which they are installed, will be restarted.  This means that if you are on a call while the updates for IC User Apps are installing you will be disconnected from the call.  Only install updates when you are in a status to not receive calls.

You will be notified by the system that you have updates that are being downloaded.  Once the updates are downloaded, you will be notified that you have updates that are ready to install.

Estimated time to complete

20 minutes


  1. Double click the Interactive Update icon in the taskbar notification area (This will appear as a computer screen with a green arrow).
  2. Select "Express Install" and then click "Install"
  3. Monitor updates being installed
  4. When the updates are finished installing follow the prompts to restart the applications and/or your computer


After following this procedure you will have ensured that your Contact Center software programs are updated.

Additional Resources

If you experience any issues, create a ticket by searching this website for "Contact Center."


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