How to Move My Files to OneDrive


This article provides step by step instructions on how to move files from your local hard drive and external storage devices.  Once you have moved your files to OneDrive, discontinue using your local hard drive and external storage devices to store and share data. 

Estimated Time to Complete

Moving files may take less than one minute or several hours depending on the amount of data you have and whether you are on a wired or wireless network connection. On a campus wireless connection, 5 GB of data should take approximately 30 minutes.

Steps to Move Files using the Sync Client

  1. Set up the OneDrive desktop app. Click here for Sync OneDrive files and folders video
  • Windows 10 users have the OneDrive desktop app installed.  Users on other systems will need to download the program from Microsoft.
  • Use your email address and standard password for login credentials.
  1. Copy files into the OneDrive library.
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Locate both the H drive and the “One Drive - Indiana State University” items.
  • Select the files in the H drive that you wish to retain.
  • Drag and drop those files to the “One Drive - Indiana State University” library.
  • This may take a while to complete, but the computer may be used while the copying is still in progress.
  1. Verify Data Copy
  • If there was an error in the copy, OneDrive will pop up an error message.  The most typical errors are:
    • Some special characters  are not supported in file names (e.g. #, % and &, etc.)
    • The entire path, including the file name, must contain fewer than 400 characters.
    • Some file types are not supported.
    • For a complete list of restrictions, please visit Invalid files names and file types in OneDrive
  • Look through the folders and files and verify your data copied correctly.

Steps to Move Files From the Browser

  1. Open a browser
  2. Type in or select the following link:< >
  3. Type in your username (full email address) and University password
  4. Select OneDrive from the list of icons and then size the window to fit half the screen or move the open window to a second monitor
  5. Open your file storage location on your computer and change the window so that you can see both windows
  6. In your file storage location select the folders and files that you want to copy to OneDrive then drag and drop them to the OneDrive location that states "Drag files here to upload"

Note: Not all browsers support the drag and drop feature when moving folders to OneDrive.  It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge or Chrome for this function.

  1. If you receive errors that some files did not copy, you can change the file name to exclude special characters (e.g. #, % and &, etc.). For a complete list of characters that cannot be used, please visit Limitations on File Names


You have now moved your files from other storage locations to OneDrive.  Begin using OneDrive to store, share, and update your files from your workstation or any compatible device.

Additional Resources

Please review the Knowledge Base articles for more information by following the link OneDrive. You can also contact the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910.


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