Administrative Rights Management - Thycotic Privilege Manager


Privilege rights management ensures that an individual has only the necessary level of access when it is necessary. A privilege rights solution elevates the system use to administrator in a recognizable and procedural way that allows users to identify, describe, and authorize the event. In addition to identifying malicious activities that are linked to privilege abuse, this solution minimizes the potential for a security breach since applications cannot run as administrator without this process. Ransomware and other malware take advantage of non-managed administrative rights use on an organization's workstations.

Procedure for Use

You can find this software available for install in Software Center.  Once Software Center has installed the software you will be required to reboot your workstation. To install with software center:

1.      Using the Windows search bar, type “Software Center”

2.      The Software Center app will appear, and you can click on the area in the green rectangle or “Open”.

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3.      Click on “Thycotic Privilege Manager”

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

4.      Select “Install”.  Once complete, your system will prompt for a reboot.

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 How does this affect me?

When you perform an activity that requires administrative rights on your workstation, like installing an application or configuring a device, you will be prompted with the following user interface:

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 In this instance the Firefox application was installed. You must provide a brief explanation of why the action is necessary, and provide your username and password. You can then perform these types of activities on your computer without requiring OIT’s assistance.

Please be responsible with the use of your ISU workstation, and adhere to best practices for the secure use of ISU data.

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