How To Disable Skype for Business Audio Alerts When Status Is Busy


Skype for Business will allow users to receive phone calls, if they have the functionality enabled.  The software uses a user's status to determine if a call should be received.  When a user has a status of "Do Not Disturb" they will not recieve any phone calls, those calls will go straight to Voice Mail.  If a users stauts is "Busy" they will recieve phone calls, even if they are in a meeting.  Sometimes this can be an undesired situation.

This article will walk you through the process of turning off audible alerts for phone calls when your status is "Busy"

Estimated time to complete

5 minutes


  1. From the Skype for Business client, click the "gear" icon to access the Options window
  2. In the category list, select "Ringtones and Sounds"
  3. Under "Sounds," select the checkbox:  "Keep sounds to a minimum when my status is Busy"
  4. Click "OK"


After completing the steps above you will have configured Skype for Business to limit the sounds that it plays, for incoming calls, when your status is "Busy."

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