How To Allow Others to Answer Your Phone Calls


Skype for Business Enterprise Voice contains full features for forwarding your incoming phone calls to additional team members.  These features are called Team Call Groups.

The people in this group can answer calls for you.  This is useful if you have other team members and you would like for them to receive your phone calls when you are unavailable.  A specific scenario would be to configure this when you are going to be out of the office and don’t want calls to go unanswered.

 These settings are configurable in the user’s Skype for Business client.  See below for detailed information on how to set them up.

Note:  This guide only applies to users on the Skype for Business system.  This DOES NOT apply to traditional telephone users.

Estimated time to complete

5 minutes


To set up your team call group:

  1. Select the Call Forwarding menu (located at the bottom of the Skype for Business client window)
  2. Select Call Forwarding Settings
  3. Click the “Edit my team-call group members” link
  4. Click the “Add…” button to add people to your group
  5. Select the appropriate time for it to start ringing the people in your group
  6. Click “OK”
  7. In the Options window, select Simultaneously ring:  My Team-Call Group
  8. Verify your settings in the “Your current call forwarding settings:”
  9. Click “OK”


After configuring a Team Call Group, you have configured the settings necessary to allow other Skype for Business users to answer your phone calls.

Additional Resources

For more information, see the training resources on Microsoft’s website.

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