Polycom Phone Software 2023 Update


The phones are being updated to be aligned with Microsoft's best practices. The following are the changes and comparison chart. 


Visual Changes After the Update is Complete

  • There will be a Microsoft Teams Icon on the right side of the screen 
  • The user's phone number will appear on line 1 instead of their name 
  • The options at the bottom of the screen have changed
    • DND = Do Not Disturb
    • VM = Voice Mail
    • Recent = Recent Call List 
    • Sign Out = Sign Out of phone
    • CFW = Call Forwarding


Feature Changes After the Update is Complete

Feature Current Version 2023 Update
Inbound/ Outbound Calls
Web Sign-In Web Sign-In
Do Not Disturb -
Voice Mail
Blind Transfer 
Consult Transfer
Call Forwarding -
Contacts/ Favorites -
Conference/ Calendar Join Manual Dial to Audio Conference Manual Dial to Audio Conference


The Software update will apply a tighter integration to the Microsoft Teams Environment


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Tue 1/31/23 7:46 PM
Fri 3/31/23 3:34 PM

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