TurnItIn for Canvas Quick Start Guide


This article provides information and assistance to create assignments in Canvas using the integrated TurnItIn external tool. TurnItIn is a robust plagiarism checker that also enables you to provide feedback to students. Additionally, you can use Turnitin to facilitate revision assignments as well as peer reviews. 

Estimated Time to Complete

Reviewing this guide will take about 5- 10 minutes.


1. In Course Navigation, Click the Assignments link:

Assignments Link Circled in Course Navigation Menu

2. Click the Add Assignment button:

Add Assignment button Circled in Red

3. Select Submission Type as External Tool: 

Submission Type selection box with External Tool option circled in red

4. Click TurnItIn and click the Select button:

Configure External Tool Menu with TurnItIn highlighted

5. There are two options to choose from: Check or Uncheck the Load This Tool In A New Tab box: 

5a. If the box is UNCHECKED, the TurnItIn submission inbox will display directly under the Assignment instructions: 

TurnItIn assignment inbox displaying within Assignment window

5b. If the box is CHECKED, a TurnItIn submission link will display in a light gray box directly below the Assignment Instructions: 

Assignment Load in a New Window box circled in red

When the light gray box is clicked, the TurnItIn submission inbox will open up in a new browser tab or window. 

Additional Information

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