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As of writing this article (Fall 2021), Microsoft has adopted a semi-annual release cycle for it's major updates to the Windows 10 operating system, typically in the Spring and Fall. In it's efforts to ensure that changes to the environment are minimally disruptive, OIT and a handful of campus partners evaluate those updates before releasing them for installation campus-wide. Once tested in the environment, OIT communicates to campus that a major update is forthcoming, divides the thousands of computers we maintain into groups, and allows the updates to be installed by each successive group with a rolling calendar to manage the work and further minimize individual and departmental impacts. Each of the groups receives a message that the update is available to them, and the instructions for performing the update. Below is the current information and installation instructions for the most recent update.

20H2 Update Information

OIT is rolling 20H2 out in several phases over the Fall 2021 and Early Spring 2022 semesters. This is a required update, and it is important that you install it at your first convenience after receiving the message that it is available to you. This is a significant update. It may take up to 3 hours to complete. To minimize disruption of your work activity, you should plan the update for a time that is most convenient for you. It is okay to start this update at the end of day, prior to leaving work in the evening. You should ensure your computer is plugged in (not using battery only), connected to the campus network, and left on.  Before beginning any update, you should ensure that your data files have been saved to One Drive.

Plan the update

  1. Plan a time when you will not need your computer for up to three hours, such as the end of the day.
  2. Verify that your data files are in OneDrive.

Start the update

  1. Verify that your data files are in OneDrive 
  2. Check that your computer is plugged into power and connected to the ISU Network (Either wired or ISU Secure). 
  3. Open the Start Menu on your Windows 10 computer. 
  4. Type "Software Center" into the search bar. 
  5. Click the Software Center app to open. 
  6. Select "Operating Systems" tab in the Software Center. 
  7. Click "Windows 10 x64 20H2 Upgrade June 2021" 
  8. Click “install” 
  9. Do not turn off or restart your computer.  If your update isn’t complete after 3 hours, contact OIT at 812-237-2910.

How will this impact me? 

Computers undergoing the update will be unavailable for up to three hours and may restart multiple times. OIT recommends that you start this update at the end of the day due to the time it takes to complete. You should leave your computer turned on and continuously connected to the ISU network during the installation.  As with any update process, please ensure your data is saved to OneDrive prior to beginning the process.

How do I report an issue about this? 

If you have any problems with this process that require assistance, call the help desk at 812.237.2910 or submit a ticket here:


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