How To Screen Share in YuJa Video conference


The meeting owner by default is the Main Presenter in a session. If a different participant will be presenting, the meeting owner should select the participant, make sure that their role is Presenter and give them Main Presenter status.



Steps to Screen Share in Yuja Video Conference

1. Select Share from the toolbar and click Screen


2. If you are screen sharing for the first time, you will be prompted to install a browser extension. If you’ve previously installed the browser extension, skip to step #6


3. Add the extension to Chrome or Firefox and Close the new browser tab when complete.


4. Once you have installed the extension click Done – now let me in!


5. To finish enabling the extension, you will be prompted to reconnect to the meeting.


6. Now when you return to SHARE and Screen you will have Share my screen in the lower right corner of your window.


 7. From here you will be asked to select your entire screen or an application.

*Note: Application sharing requires that the application already be open on your desktop.


8. If you have multiple monitors, you can select either for sharing. If you have one monitor you will initially have a mirroring effect on the screen until you minimize the Video Conference window.


9. There is a sharing indicator at the bottom of your screen while you are sharing.


10. When finished, in the YuJa Video conference browser window, select Stop screensharing

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