Usage Comparison - Teams and Zoom


Zoom and Teams all have functions that are suited to synchronous communication and collaboration.  Differences in the environment for collaborating, or in some of the features desired for a meeting or class, may make one tool better than another.

A note about Yuja: Yuja is not included in this recommendation table because it is a lecture capture tool.  We do not recommend using Yuja for virtual meetings. Click here to read articles about Yuja.

Synchronous Collaboration Tools Comparison

The following table shows OIT's recommended "best choice" for each type of collaboration event.

Usage/Product Zoom Teams (in Office 365) Rationale for "Best" Rating
Instant messaging with someone in our system Good, but only with other Zoom users Best solution Quick and easy to find someone in the directory, click, and start a chat in Teams; can also include video and/or add more people to the session as needed
Phone call Not recommended Best solution Teams is ISU's voice solution.   Zoom has specific limitations that make them less desirable for this purpose.
Impromptu or scheduled meeting with ISU employee(s) or student(s) who is/are on campus Good Good  
Recurring meeting with ISU employee(s) or student(s) who is/are on campus Good Good  
Meeting that includes attendees who do not have an ISU account Best solution Good Zoom allows for more flexible inclusion of non-ISU attendees; participants invited by sending email with meeting link.  Teams allows non-ISU participants, also.
Meeting that includes attendees who will be participating from off campus Best solution Good Zoom provides the most stable and consistent experience for attendees with a range of Internet bandwidth and/or signal quality
Teaching a class Best solution Good Zoom offers a full selection of functions that may be useful for synchronous instruction: e.g., screen sharing, synchronous collaboration on shared items by participants, breakout rooms; "raise hand" for asking questions during a lecture; easy recording capability; polling capability; etc.                       
Large meeting (300 - 1000 people) Best solution Not recommended Zoom has good capabilities for registration, managing attendees, recording, etc.  With such a large group, it is likely if not certain that some attendees will not have ISU accounts or will view from off-campus, and Zoom is best for such situations
Webinar (up to 1000 people) Best solution Not provided Zoom has a specific webinar capability that allows for active participation by an identified group and passive listening/limited participation (e.g. hand raising for questions) by most

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